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🏁🚙 Road to King Community Legend and beyond! Levels, Points, Answer, Badges and more!

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⭐️ Welcome to our King Community, the meeting point for all King games players! 🙌 🥳

Are you ready to embark on the Community Journey? Find out below all you need to know to become a King Community Legend and all the perks that come with it!

Here's all you need to know:

  • Discover all the King Community Levels! 👉 HERE
  • Check out the amazing Community Legend prizes you can unlock! 👉 HERE
  • King Community Legends - Hall of Fame! 👉 HERE
  • Points: what are points and how can you collect them? 👉 HERE
  • Answers: Community is all about helping each other and... they give a lot of points! 👉 HERE
  • Exclusive Community Badges! 👉 HERE
  • Bonus: Community Reactions! 👉 HERE


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