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🍐🍅🍌💧 Super Cropsies Contest - win Gold Bars to your game!(ENDED)

FluzzardFluzzard Posts: 12,595 Farm Super Saga Moderator
edited June 30 in General

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Oh no! Is Rancid getting into trouble again! The cropsies have gathered together for a fun day but Rancid has his eye on them. If only he would leave them alone! Let’s count how many cropsies are here so that when we recount them later we will know if he took any.

How to participate? 

Count all the crops in the picture,then please notice that:

1)Post your answer in the spoiler box.(You can't get gb if without using it.)

2)Do not cheat.(Same as 1.)

3)Keep it on topic.

What's the prize? 

5 randomly chosen players with the correct answer will win 20 gold bars to the King game of your choice (Not Crash on the Run). 

You have until June 30th 2021 6:00am CET to participate!

Terms and Conditions here

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