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🎨Art Challenge: Draw the missing secret ingredient 🏺 (FINISHED)

wykoonwykoon Posts: 8,342 Community Hub Moderator
edited August 31 in Art Nook: King Fanart!

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One afternoon in King's Community, @Elsa and I were walking around and were drawn to the sound coming from BW3 forum. As we reached the place, I gently pushed the door open whilst Elsa was peeking behind it.

"Ooohhh what do we have here?" as I whispered to Elsa. "Looks like @Lemurtek and his assistant (why is Kimmy with Lemurtek??) were up to something...", said Elsa.

What do you think is the missing secret ingredient that Lemurtek and Kimmy are going to use in their spell?

Let's draw (no copy and paste image from the web) the ingredient! It can be anything from your favourite King's game such as boosters, blockers and etc. for e.g. color bomb, jelly fish, licorice, striped candies, wrapped candies, pufflers, diamond, cropsies. Also, you may add your favourite character too 😄😍 Just be creative.

Special thanks to @Lemurtek for drawing the comic strips 🤗🤗👍👍. We love your talent!

Meanwhile, you have until 31 August 2021 to submit your drawing (please insert your initial in your drawing) and earn this cool badge designed by our @Elsa.

Ready, set, draw... 🖌



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