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👄💭 30.9. - International Translation Day 📱🙌

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Translation Day takes place annually on 30 September.

The International Day of Translation was established in 1991 by the Paris Fédération internationale des traducteurs (FIT) and is celebrated annually on the anniversary of Jerome's death. Jerome translated the Old Testament from Hebrew into spoken Latin and is considered the patron saint of translators. The International Translation Day aims to show how important the profession of translator is in an increasingly globalised world. It is also intended to draw attention to the solidarity within the international translation community and to promote the profession in all countries. International Translation Day, numerous activities take place worldwide, which are carried out in Germany by the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ), among others.

Many days of remembrance are overshadowed by the world-famous and public holidays. This is also the case with the International Translation Day! But especially in our globalized and internationalized world, a conscious perception of such an important industry is necessary and desirable. Especially in the economy and also in many other areas, the importance of cross-border activities is constantly increasing. Not infrequently, a foreign language is still the biggest hurdle to ensure international communication. This is where dedicated translators come into play.

In Germany, the Jerome Day is also often spoken. Named after the first famous translator, St. Jerome. It was he who translated the Bible from Hebrew into Latin in the 4th century. On 30 September each year, a variety of events are offered in different cities on the subject of translation. In cooperation with the Goethe Institute and the German Federal Government, the Robert Bosch Stiftung organizes a series of readings and encounters with literary translators.

This day was initiated by the International Federation of Translators (FIT for short). FIT is an international association of translators' and interpreters' associations founded in Paris in 1953. More than 100 associations from 55 countries are members of this organisation, whose aim is to promote and protect translation work and the profession internationally.

We at translation agency Perfekt are also celebrating this day. Wondering how? Of course, by translating for you and living our joy in languages.

I will add a few more links.: . 💓 Appreciation of translation 💗

In this post only one CM commented and that was @Lola_Pop and I give her credit for that. Thanks a lot for this.🤗

I opened this post last year.

@Elsa wrote a story to translate and that is this: 🦒  What are the giraffes trying to say? 🦒

Translating is of course very difficult, especially when it comes to back-translation. It comes back very differently than how I wrote or meant it. Sometimes it doesn't make sense or it's something completely different.

That's why I started a translation game in the German area. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Please only in German there.: Translation game.: 💻 Übersetzungsspiel 📳

I have often noticed when I translate English through Google Chrome that it translates words for me that don't exist. I entered these words in the Internet and the Internet was overwhelmed with them, because these words do not exist. I get a wise blank page: With the note. The term you are looking for is not available. Therefore, I once collected a few words in the German area. Here is the link to it! Verrückte Wörter sammeln ( collect crazy words )

Even we ambassadors don't have it easy and it's a really tough job. Please try translating! It's fun, but it's a little complicated. We have to enter some words separately to translate, either they are not translated or something completely different comes out. So it takes a long time for those who have to translate. It can happen that it comes across as unfriendly, even though it was written with friendliness. Please keep this in mind. Most players and GMs have to translate and know this problem !!!

🎉 Let's do the 9/30. therefore celebrate.🎊



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