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🥚 World Egg Day – the international World Egg Day 2021 🥚

SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 19,951 Sweet Legend
 Celebrate the eggs. It remains the same – there seems to be nothing that cannot be honored with its own day of honor. This is also the case with the second Friday in October, which has appeared in the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world since 1996 as World Egg Day. In 2021, this will be October 8. What is it all about?

 Who created World Egg Day?

 World Egg Day was established at the annual conference of the International Egg Commission (IEC), which took place in Vienna in 1996. However, the choice of date is a seemingly arbitrary setting for which there is no concrete historical reference.

 When does World Egg Day take place?

 World Egg Day is a flexible date and always falls on the second Friday in October. The reason for the chosen date is unclear. My first guess was that the date of this annual IEC conference played a role here; however, this takes place annually at changing locations in September (see also the list of further links below) and is therefore omitted as a justification. The following dates for World Egg Day are scheduled for the coming years:

Friday, October 8, 2021

Friday, October 14, 2022

Friday, October 13, 2023

Friday, October 11, 2024

Friday, October 10, 2025

Friday, October 9, 2026

Friday, October 8, 2027

Friday, October 13, 2028

Friday, October 12, 2029

Friday, October 11, 2030

Friday, October 10, 2031

Goals and intention: What is the International Egg Commission about World Egg Day?

According to the IEC, World Egg Day is primarily about creating public awareness of the benefits and benefits of ice cream as a food (see also the article on the nationwide Day of Scrambled Rice in Germany on 28 December).

After all, eggs are considered one of the foods that have the highest natural protein and vitamin D content and play a central role in the nutrition of the world's population (see also the contributions to World Milk Day on 1 June or the US National Milk Day on 11 January). Of course, they are also part of numerous cooking traditions. An example of this is the sauce Tartare, which comes from French cuisine (see also the article on the US Day of the Sauce tartare (English National Tartar Sauce Day) on the Friday after Ash Wednesday).

In theory, of course, everything is quite wonderful, but in Western industrial practice unfortunately often still associated with unacceptable factory farming. Therefore, it is better to buy your eggs from the local organic farmer (see also the article on the US National Don't Put all your Eggs in One Omelet Day on July 9).

But perhaps this is also a thing where such a day of action can help. With this in mind: A great World Egg Day to all of you. :)



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