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🤐 22 October – World Stuttering Day 💭

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Every year on October 22, world stuttering day is celebrated. On this day, the problems of stuttering fellow human beings, who make up one percent of the world's population, which have to be overcome on a daily basis, move into the media and social focus. On this day, national organisations draw attention to the problem of stuttering with actions, events and events.1


In 1998, the day of action was launched by four international stuttering organizations to make the population aware of the difficulties and problems of stuttering people in everyday life. In addition to creating public awareness of this relatively common language disorder, the focus is on eliminating prejudice through hard facts on World Stuttering Day. Despite the relatively frequent spread, according to statistics up to 80,000 people in Austria are affected, stutterers are often discriminated against, laughed at and equated with low mental performance.2


The sign of World Stuttering Day is the "Stuttering Awareness Ribbon", a blue-green ribbon that is placed into a loop.3 The sea-green color symbolizes the calming and liberation that the stutterer experiences when he is met with understanding. The motto is proclaimed every year, but always serves to raise awareness and empower the stuttering people.

On this day, self-help groups, national associations, but also individuals, such as therapists, speech therapists and teachers, hold workshops, conduct seminars or offer lectures on how to deal with the speech disorder.4


Through the 2010 film "The King's Speech"5 and the subsequent Oscar award of the leading actor Colin Firth, the topic of stuttering received media attention. The work describes the language problems of the English King George VI and draws attention to a certain therapeutic approach.

Famous stars who stutter include: Marylin Monroe, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis and "Mr. Bean" Rowan Atkinson. The eloquent British politician Winston Churchill also stuttered.6

Contrary to prejudice, stuttering is not a mental illness that occurs due to fear, nervousness or other negative emotions. Stuttering is a physical speech disability.7

My personal:

I have been affected by it since I was born. That's why I was in the speech therapy kindergarten and speech therapy school. It will never go away completely, but I can handle it well.🤗



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