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🥜 October 22 – Nut Day 🥥

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National Nut Day will be celebrated on 22 October 2021. On this day the nut is to be celebrated! But be careful: in children under 4 years of age, whole nuts should be avoided. These can accidentally get into the trachea because of their shape and size, leading to shortness of breath and even suffocation.

Nut fruits are closing fruits in which all three layers of the fruit wall wood. In most cases, only a single seed is enclosed. The nuts in the botanical sense include the following nuts: beechnut, Chilean hazelnut, walnut, sweet chestnut, acorn, hazelnut, macadamia nut, stone nut and water nut.

Nuts have been shown to lower blood cholesterol levels, stabilize sugar levels, support vessels and reduce the risk of stomach and prostate cancer as well as infarctions due to their polyunsaturated fatty acids. The listed nutrients and vital substances depend on the nut variety. In their entirety, nuts contain the water-soluble vitamin B1, which is responsible for carbohydrate metabolism in the body .

Who created National Nut Day?

Curious holidays for nuts seem to enjoy great popularity all over the world. However, it is mainly our transatlantic neighbours in the USA who are proving to be particularly active here.

In contrast to many of the aforementioned nut holidays, National Nut Day has a number of hints and information about who started this food holiday under the sign of nuts. In detail: The British Day of the Nut was initiated by the Liberation Foods Company, which as a so-called Community Interest Company primarily tries to support the interests of local nut farmers worldwide.

Why does British Nut Day fall on October 22?

On the other hand, there seems to be no record of how long this British National Day of the Nut has been celebrated and why the initiators chose the date of 22 October.

Unfortunately, I could not find out in the course of the research whether there is any kind of connection to the International CAPS LOCK DAY, the US National Color Day, the Stuttering Awareness Day or the Australian Day of Wombat. But I think it's rather unlikely. ;)

National Nut Day UK: A nutty holiday for the UK

The fact is, however, that National Nut Day has a changing motto every year – in 2014 this was e.B: Putting Nuts Back on the Menu – and has been celebrated since at least 2010.

Various sources refer to this particularly successful year, in which even the British House of Commons took this nutty day of action into its everyday work. Despite the previously mentioned changing leitmotif mottos, National Nut Day primarily focuses on the economic necessity of fair trade nuts and the health and nutritional benefits of eating nuts.

Precisely because the nuts have a variety of extremely healthy fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals for humans, they have probably deserved their own, albeit curious, holiday with some of them.

With that in mind: Have a great and nutty National Nut Day to all of you. Whether in the UK, Germany or anywhere else in the world. :)

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