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👑 Why and how to get a King account to keep your progress saved and synced!

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Are you a part of Kingdom?

Is your game connected to a King account?

Have you made sure that your game is saved and backed up if anything goes wrong?

Here’s why and how you get a King account to keep your progress saved and synced.

What is a King account?

A King account is a game account where you can save your game progress on. With only your email address you can create a King account for free in your game or on King.com. 

Why should I have a King account?

By having the game connected to a King account, your progress will be saved. In case anything unexpected happens, you can retrieve your levels easily by reconnecting the game to your King account.

With a King account you can also sync your game to a new device and have the game synced on several platforms if you play on several devices.

If your Facebook friends don’t play the game or send you any Lives, with a King account you can connect with other active players around the world anonymously through your King account.

What if my game is already connected to Facebook?

The game can be connected to both Facebook and a King account. These two accounts can be merged so you’re on the same level no matter which account you use in the game.

In case you close or cancel your Facebook account, Facebook is down or you don’t want to use Facebook, you can switch to your King account instead. All levels and Gold Bars are saved and you can continue playing from the same level with the King account.

If your Facebook friends no longer play the game or send you any Lives, you can then receive more Lives to the game’s inbox from other players with a King account.

How do I create a King account?

On mobile and the Windows app, go to the ‘Profile’ in your game and disconnect from Facebook first if you’re logged into Facebook. 

Then choose the ‘Register with an email’ and follow the steps.

To create an account on desktop, go to King.com, click on games, choose your game and register your account to the left of the page. You can then use the same login details in the game on mobile as well!

When your game is connected to your King account a random selection of other players will then appear in your game, so you can send and receive Lives from these players. No other players will see any other information about you more than your nickname and avatar. So you don't have to worry about your privacy in any settings.

How to sync your King account with Facebook?

Login to your account on King.com on a computer (not on a mobile device). Then choose the Settings in the upper right corner, choose ‘Account’ and enter your password once again. After this choose to sync your progress and enter your Facebook login details and you’re good to go!

If you aren't a part of the Kingdom yet, get connected with a King account today!

Still not sure or having any issues? Please comment here below and we'll be happy to help you out.

When you have created a King account or if you already have one, don't forget to claim your Kingdom badge on our thread HERE.

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