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🦄 Competitions for characters badges 🥇

SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 21,889 Sweet Legend

Dear Friends & dear Players

It was a time of rest with me and now I am back and have this thought for a new survey.

We all love these games and these characters and I figured everyone should have a badge from their favorite character. 🐂

So you could start competitions and everyone can get their badge with their favorite character.

Do you have any suggestions for a suitable competition?

Please let me know!

My favorite character comes from Candy Friends and I had Elsa make it into my new signature. 💓

I think these are really great.🤗

Yes, I would have a badge with that character too.

How about you?

Do you want your own badge with your favorite character?

Then please vote!✅

Thank you and have fun 🤗

🦄 Competitions for characters badges 🥇 12 votes

yes 🙂
Diamond LimbearwithmeSpinnifixsiti_payungMiladyRhechicerillaBubbleGumSodaCassDMoh1977tashanight3Racoon7 11 votes
no 🥱
I do not care 🙃
ElenaVorona 1 vote


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