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On the 5th of July all Private Messages will be deleted and disabled

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We're writing to inform you that due to technical limitations with our servers, we have decided to disable all Private Messages (PMs) starting from the 5th of July. From the 4th of July, we will remove the option for all players on the forum to create new PMs, and on the 5th of July, we will delete all past Private Messages to free up server storage.

Due to this, we encourage you to save or take screenshots of any special messages you want to keep before the 5th of July.

Moderators and CM's will still be able to open Private Messages with players if there's a need to discuss anything private or personal. If you need to talk in private to a CM or Moderator, please just tag any of us in any thread telling us you need us to open a private conversation with you.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Update 4th of July 2022: We've now disabled the option for players to create new Private Messages. Tomorrow we will delete all of the previous messages, so make sure to save any messages you want to keep today by taking a screenshot or copy pasting the text.

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