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How long have you been in the King community?

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Hello everyone! Our sweet community is over six years old. We all joined on different days, weeks, and even years. Tell how long you have been in the community in the poll below.

Currently, only six members joined six years ago. Over 500 members, however, have been here for five years. It is possible that one of them is you.

Many more have joined one or two years ago, while some only one month ago. Hope you enjoy your stay in the community!

Tagging some players to vote:


@RobinCorte , @samm_kml@Glenn1972@SabrinaM@KingChewy@johamilton@kiara_wael@Werner_Cichy@Nck@Nat09@bearwithme@paul5473@Crimson_Dawn@Chicken_Slayer@MiaChristine@candycrushinit@flew66@BQN537@gr33n3y3z@PummyRaj@ShannaSkywolf@Albert_Heinrich@Byrd59@sarma_palash123@Marzia333@tininha1975@Peter_Tornaros@Ashraf@Mary_Kay@LoveDachs@PrettyBubbles@MountainMom@RegalRenz@Princess_lovely@pearl_chetna@SBH@Yorben_Goeree@Leslie_B@Nix66@NamTruong2001@mercerik@Anahita_2005@Pcj@ipete@Origins7_Dale@Loveth_NP@BlueberryCupcake@MollyS@lemcbl@Iffu2@me6412@CandyCrushIsCool@Shilviya18@Freddy_Falkner@DieOmimi@Cagnes@cjay63@Twi@Alex18@一氧化二氫@NelaMezdrea@Cristina_20@Greymane@WonderlandCentury789@MysticalMisty2@larasofiasofia@yonahselcy@MollyS@crabapple@Marriam1@johan1082010@Icicle_246@jeanps@BubbleGumSoda@fable1707@smnafiz@bekicrusher@Annwat@plushytoysfan 

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How long have you been in the King community?

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