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Level up

Please how do I level up

And if this is a comment can I get some likes please


  • FlaringCrystal120FlaringCrystal120 Posts: 3,056 Level 5
    edited March 12

    Hello and welcome to the community! You are currently in the Newbie Rank with 2 posts.

    • Level 2 = 5 Posts
    • Level 3 = 100 Points & 50 Posts
    • Level 4 = 500 Points & 250 Posts
    • Level 5 = 1,000 Points & 500 Posts
    • Legend = 5,000 Points & 1,000 Posts
    • Sweet Legend = 10,000 Points & 5,000 Posts
    • Crushing Legend= 25,000 Points & 10,000 Posts 
    • Marvelous Legend = 50,000 Points & 25,000 Posts 
    • Royal Legend = 75,000 Points & 50,000 Posts
    • Divine Legend = 100,000 Points & 75,000 Posts
    • Epic Legend = 250,000 Points & 100,000 Post
    • Ultimate Legend = 500,000 Points & 250,000 Posts

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  • FlaringCrystal120FlaringCrystal120 Posts: 3,056 Level 5

    What are community points and what are they for?

    Points are scores you obtain from your engagement in the Community. The more points you have, the higher you can be in the ranks, and the more you can access exclusive rewards.

    On top of that, we have leaderboards. On the Activity Section (and on every game's home page) you can see the top leaders of the week along with the all-time leaders.

    How can you collect points?

    In the community, there are three different ways to get points.

    • Badges
    • Answers
    • Idea Votes

  • FlaringCrystal120FlaringCrystal120 Posts: 3,056 Level 5


    Answers imply all responses under the Support sections of every game.

    • Every time you answer another player, you get 2 points. (Only the first answer to a question will award points. If there is an accepted answer already, you will not get points.)
    • Accepted Answers Badges give more points.

    Accepted Answers Badges with a new points system:

    • 1 Accepted Answer = 10 points
    • 5 Accepted Answers = 50 points (with exclusive '5 Answers' badge!)
    • 10 Accepted Answers = 100 points (with exclusive '10 Answers' badge!)
    • 25 Accepted Answers = 250 points (with exclusive '25 Answers' badge!)
    • 50 Accepted Answers = 500 points (with exclusive '50 Answers' badge!)
    • 100 Accepted Answers = 1,000 points (with exclusive '100 Answers' badge!)
    • 250 Accepted Answers = 2,500 points (with exclusive '250 Answers' badge!)
    • 500 Accepted Answers = 5,000 points (coming soon!)
    • 1,000 Accepted Answers = 12,500 points (coming soon!)
    • 1,500 Accepted Answers =(coming soon!)
    • 2,000 Accepted Answers =(coming soon!)

    If you want to make it to the top of our leaderboards (which you can view HERE), we recommend you visit the "Somebody needs help" section of your favorite game to help players out.

    Exclusive Community Badges

    The community badges are obtained in 3 ways:

    • By doing certain actions in the forum (for example, commenting 50 times, or changing your avatar).
    • By receiving certain reactions (for example, receiving 25 Insightful reactions, or answering 5 questions the way the other player wanted).
    • By being rewarded them by the CMs (this could be a competition badge, Global Community contest, special badges, etc).

    You can find the list of all badges HERE.

    You will be able to see a full list of all badges and how many points each gives. As a general rule, exclusive badges (like Member of the Month or The Community Mastermind) give 25 points, whereas other easier badges (like First Dive) give 2 points. Depending on the tier and how difficult and exclusive they are, badges can give 0, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, or more.

    *Please note that some badges were exclusive to certain competitions and are not obtainable at the moment. There will always be ways of obtaining exclusive and legacy badges, but you will have to watch for these.


    Reactions are interactions we have below every post of anybody.

    Reactions are a very nice way of thanking another player for their contribution, while also getting the benefit from helping and being nice to other members of this community. They don't give points right away, but by getting reactions on your posts you can claim exclusive community badges that will give you more community points. 

    You can find out more about levels in the post below:

    Here's all you need to know about the forum:

    Happy crushing!

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