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Have you been demoted to a lower Level in the Community? Find out why



  • siti_payungsiti_payung Posts: 10,322 Level 5

    After reading so many posts, I realize that this is a big issue. I have notice a couple account have one user very long time ago and I never thought is serious until I read all this posts. I understand what @Miss_Dani and @Spinnifix write in the posts. I was also wondering why few friends suddenly leave the community and it is sad to have friends go. I also have one account but not as brave as @Sukanta_Biswas to use real name but I value my community name a lot and will keep it clean and behave like an adult. I hope there is a way to make the issue under control.


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  • Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 45,191 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Thank you for your tagging me! @Miss_Dani 😊

    Yes! I don't have another multiple accounts (I have one account only) but someone copied my username (@DiamondLim is banned) and posted first post only on Candy Crush Saga on September 2020. So I think someone will check my username then sign up to use same username to join on King Community. Also @MightyWolf2 is also banned and copied username MightyWolf. @MightyWolf2 has spamming so many words on Friends Community. I promise MightyWolf doesn't has multiple accounts too. He is kind and helpful person 😊

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  • actressactress Posts: 334 Level 3

    With the new level system could somebody t tell me what rank I am

  • FluzzardFluzzard Posts: 12,564 Farm Super Saga Moderator


    Not sure what you are talking about but I want to clarify that I only have one account here though a newbie player's name is H2O and never comments anything until now.I don't know why but some people want to have mutiple accounts to get more points.

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  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 60,627 Sweet Legend

    ~@Sukanta_Biswas Nice to see you join the conversation, but disagree with you saying IP adress and location can easily be found anyone on here could hide behind a VPN this hides both and is not hard for anyone with a little bit of computer knowledge. Hell my name could not be Freddy and i might be from Mongolia

    For me all the conjection around GM with duplicate accounts has been going on in nearly the whole time i have been here and can say for me i have not seen and i could have proved it i would have outed straight away. Just seems a lot of people are saying the same name /s which says to me it is either true or this person/s has not liked and a some people may be trying to oust them. Who knows?

    For me this is the first dodgy thing i saw regarding anything like this and if you can explain this to me i think it would put my mind at ease. Please note that when this happened i reported this to a SU the same day and have the email i can copy and paste here with there permission and also can show the post, although cannot show it was closed, but why report if this did not happen i had nothing to gain from it

    The was a post from @Radiant456 that was used to ask a question (now a band user again). I went to answer this question and the post was closed. There was no reason, it was not in anyway a post that should be closed. I refreshed the page and even logged into the community on another browser in case of a glitch but post still closed. This post remained closed for around 10 minutes then all of a sudden i look and it and it has 3 replies on it "from a SU with 2 accepted answers and another for radiant456. This looks very suspicious in my eyes and only way i can explain this is that either SU was working with said user of this account or had created an account to make it look like one one of said persons accounts. Can not explain it any other way and in over a year being here i have never seen this happen any other time. Please if you can explain this and you can put my mind at rest.

    My second issue is documented in last post how 2 whole pages accepted answers. This does not concern yourself but even you would have to say that is not possible.

    Any feedback would be appreciated as said for me i presently cannot see anyway round someone putting my mind to rest on these issues and proving that there is not a lot of corruption going on here

  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 60,627 Sweet Legend

    @Diamond Lim @siti_payung @Fluzzard Hi and nice to see you all but do not think any of you needed to confirm this. Everyone knows you 3 very well and do not think one bit that you would be on this list. Quite sad that is come to people having to explain this.

    My love out to all 3 of you and keep doing what you do in the communtiy

    @actress You rank level is below you user name so you are level 3 not looked at you profile so do not know if you kept the same level or was demoted from level 4.

  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 17,945 Ambassador
    edited March 28

    @Diamond Lim

    Hello Lim!

    Since you mentioned it, I have to do it too. Because I had a child who loved me and because I had him banned several times, because he was under 13 years and copied a lot and passed it off as his own. He also took my name on Spinnifix with 3x n. I want to say too. Please don't think that I'm so stupid to have 2 accounts, one with 2x n and one with 3x n. Thank you Lim for making it clear again in this way. We have to be careful with our names !!!

    @Spinnifix @Spinnnifix

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  • Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 45,191 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    You are welcome! Yes! I am very careful to tag you (some players too who have copied almost same username) as I see you have uploaded your own picture, so it's you. If don't uploaded picture, it's not you. I checked. @Spinnifix 😉

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  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 17,945 Ambassador

    You are welcome to do that, check me out, but it's usually not our job. That's why I won't do it anymore. I concentrate on my tasks. I see enough what's wrong here. Although I am in favor of it, it has to be clarified, but from those who have the necessary skills. I'm just a simple gamer who volunteers to help. My picture was taken by my nephew on vacation and I love nature photos. And that's why I uploaded it. Unfortunately, I can no longer do it myself. And feel like a small child, which it is no longer allowed to do by itself. Let's see how long this will go so well. Okay, it's a different topic.

    @Diamond Lim

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    Did you know that there is now an international room for German - French - Spanish?

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  • headoperationsheadoperations Posts: 4,304 Level 5

    I believe your name is Freddy, but your English is way too good to be Mongolian 😝

    (sorry I couldn’t help myself, and a lil humor was needed)

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  • siti_payungsiti_payung Posts: 10,322 Level 5

    Thank you for your kind word @Freddy_ and I agree with @headoperations ...hahaha what a humors .


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  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 20,751 Candy Moderator

    Hi @Freddy_ I missed the notifications due to busyness so I'm back here now.

    I know you always try to find fault with me but i never get angry because i don't follow any wrong path. I can give clear answers to all your questions.

    First, I work in the community via PC and I always keep at least 10 pages running because most of my templates are saved through links. In that case, I may have mistakenly tried to close one post but closed another and this has happened many times in my case. I noticed it while checking later and opened the post again and replied. Second, I need to scan the member's brain to find out why the member accepted my answer.

    I never noticed that all my answers on two pages were accepted because there are 20 posts on one page which means I got 400 points. Have you ever seen me go above 200 points in a week?

    However I see something like this, the answer was accepted within 1 minute of the answer and each answer was re-edited.

    I do not know how the respondent can know in advance what the questioner will ask🤔

    I’m still saying, I don’t run for the point.


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  • Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 14,368 Farm Moderator
    edited March 30

    You need to be more careful then @Sukanta_Biswas you said you close threads mistakenly a lot. Then perhaps don't have so many tabs open. If you know you are making mistakes then change the way you are doing it. Otherwise how many more mistakes are you making? I work on a PC with multiple tabs but check threads before closing.

    As to the rest. Can I remind posters that new members are seeing all this and it might put them off coming back? Some of you have valid points, some are just replying for the sake of it. As I said before, if you have suspicion of fake accounts the best thing is to pm the community managers with it and they will deal with it. The point has been made very well and the ones who have multiple accounts are going to deny it publicly anyway.

    Let's not give them a negative impression of how everyone acts 🍏

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  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 60,627 Sweet Legend

    @Sukanta_Biswas . For your first answer i do not always try to find fault with you i would say this is the opposite and i have all the emails from you regarding this telling me what i can and cannot do and where i go wrong. Also various posts you always try to make others in the team look silly by saying there answers are totally wrong you have done this to all of us. I also have an email from a long standing person saying you done the same to them, So maybe take a look at yourself first

    Second i am on PC and all my answers are Templates and i only have one page open do not find the need for lots of tabs myself but guess if thats the way you work thats how you work, but can accept this may have been a mistake on your part but again looking from the outside very strange.

    Third question you need to read carefully i did not say you. I said there is a forum with 2 whole pages of excepted answers. which does not happen. did not say which forum but you can take a look around and you will see this. Maybe then you can explain

    @Lady_Choo Respect what you have to say but if you think i am posting for the sake of it you are totally wrong. I am pissed with this beyond belief. Not the only one and some have positions that they do not want to lose, me i post as this is a valid discussion. Why are the duplicate accounts not getting the main account banned ? why only the Duplicates. Lots of people left and some here know the reasons and seems like little being done. So for me if someone comes to the community and tries to help with good intentions and knows this stuff goes on then its all good. At least they have not got a false idea of the community which i definitely did.

  • PounaweaPounawea Posts: 3,747 Community Manager
    edited April 1

    Dear community,

    In light of the latest comments in this thread, and on behalf of the Community Team, we would like to make a few comments:

    First and foremost, we are very sorry for your loss @Spinnifix. Our deepest condolences. 😔

    Also, @Elsa, glad to read about the good news from your family members testing negative!

    To each and every one of you, in this worrying time, wishing you and your families all the best.

    Secondly, regarding the multi-accounts issue, let us be very clear: the use of multiple accounts to spam or to use them for toxic behaviors is prohibited. 

    We understand it can be frustrating to see some of those players with multi accounts spamming, but let's focus on the thousands of players that come to our Community to have a good time, to talk about our favorite game, and to help others. That's what the Community is all about in the end. If you find evidence, report them to us and leave it in our hands. We will take the necessary actions.

    Your comments and opinions do not go unnoticed and your feedback is always taken into account. We CMs talk about them and always decide what we believe is best for the community and as you might have noticed, we keep working on it. We might be wrong of course, but we will keep on working to make sure that this community is a place in which we all feel at home.


    Last but definitely not least, we would like to shed some light on the "Road to Community Legends" changes:

    Our objective is to improve what we had before, putting the focus on what we understand are the strengths and core values of the Community: the help and the fun. For that, we need to increase the points needed to rank up, but rest assured that everything you accomplished (points, badges, etc.) was not lost.

    Focusing on the Help:

    As we can read in many of your comments above (and we personally love reading it!) the community is all about helping each other and this is what we want to reward and value throughout the Answers (Accepted answers points).

    Focusing on the Fun:

    Also, the fun is really important! We are also here to have a good time, to talk about the games we love, to discuss the things that are happening in the game, and to participate in contests and other community events to have chances to win in-game prizes and to collect community badges. By doing so, we have as well the chance to get to know other wonderful players from all around the world that shared the same passion.

    To sum it up, we wanted to value and recognize all of you! Together, we have built an amazing community throughout the time and, thanks to all your contributions, we keep growing, developing the community, having fun, and helping so many players around the world.

    For all that has been done, for everything that you guys are doing now, and for all that we will be doing together all around the forums, THANK YOU!

    We'll be closing this discussion now.

    Have a delicious day everyone, and keep safe!

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