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  • giotakigiotaki Posts: 36 Level 2
    edited April 2021

    1.the stars are missing

    2.zero is missing

    3. is missing the figure on the right of the card

    4.the buttons are missing from the pocket

    5.8 is missing from the top corner of the card

    6.the icon is missing from the girl's belt

    7.the blue bug on board is missing.

    8.the icons are missing from the mobile

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  • Marcellus_CémerisMarcellus_Cémeris Posts: 94 Level 3

    Missing: 1 ° the three stars; 2 ° to 0; 3 ° an 8 on one of the cards; 4 ° a figure on one of the cards; 5 ° a beetle; 6 ° the belt buckle; 7 ° the buttons of the trouser pocket; 8 ° the virtual buttons. 🤪😬😁🐼👑

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Level 5

    Thanks for the fun search 🔎 @teresawallace44

    My answers.

    1. 3 stars are missing

    2. Scorpio is missing

    3. Zero is missing on top

    4. The figure is missing on the right card

    5. Belt buckle figure missing

    6. Button missing on trouser pocket

    7. Card 8

    8. From the mobile- triangle, circle, square

  • istuffistuff Posts: 687 Level 4
    edited April 2021

    1.Beatle missing

    2 Cat on card

    3 0 on score line

    4 Emblem on belt buckle

    5 3 stars

    6 Trouser pocket button

    7 Icons on bottom of screen, square, circle, triangle

    8 small eight missing on eight card

  • istuffistuff Posts: 687 Level 4
  • BooksterBookster Posts: 324 Level 3

    Oof! This was hard. But here’s mine:

    1) stars are missing at top

    2) zero is missing at top

    3) blue bug is missing

    4) small 8 is missing from 8 card

    5) bottom half of cat is missing from blue card

    6) triangle, circle, square missing at bottom

    7) pants pocket buttons are missing

    8) detail on belt buckle is missing

  • CassDCassD Posts: 6,704 Level 5
    edited May 2021

    Thanks for tagging me @teresawallace44

    That was certainly a test for the eyes - it's a good job you told us how many differences there were! My answers:

    1) Zero missing to the right of Kingsley.

    2) 3 stars missing to the right of Kingsley.

    3) Cat missing from card at bottom right.

    4) Scarab missing from bottom left.

    5) Small figure 8 missing from top left corner of No 8 card.

    6) Centre of Helena's belt buckle missing.

    7) Button missing from Helena's trouser pocket.

    8) Navigation buttons missing from bottom of screen.

  • Cats4CazCats4Caz Posts: 841 Level 4

    Fun, thanks @teresawallace44

    1. Missing the 0

    2. 3 stars are missing

    3. Scarab/bug is missing

    4. The sphinx/cat is missing on the right card

    5. Belt buckle is different

    6. Buttons on trouser pocket

    7. 8 Card has top left little 8 missing

    8.Bottom of shot triangle, circle, square missing

  • laleylaley Posts: 1,046 Level 5

    1. The three stars on the bar across the top of the image are missing

    2. The number zero on the bar across the top of the image is missing

    3. The cat on the blue card is missing (that card is under the cards with leaves on the right)

    4. The colorful bug under the cards with leaves is missing

    5. The small number 8 is missing from the left-hand corner of one of the black #8 cards.

    6. The arrow, circle, and square at the bottom of the image are missing

    7. The design on Helena's belt buckle is missing

    8. The buttons on the pockets of Helena's cargo pants are missing

  • Joost_TheunisJoost_Theunis Posts: 231 Level 3

    Hello @teresawallace44,

    I really want to win Gold Bars 🤞 so here is my answer,

    1. Stars are missing 3x

    2. Missing the zero

    3. Card 8 missing the 8 in the corner

    4. The figure is missing on the card at the right

    5. Scarab is not there

    6. Belt buckle

    7. Button trouser pocket

    8. Triangle, circle, square at the bottomo

    Thanks @Diamond Lim for tagging me. 👍

  • Origins7_DaleOrigins7_Dale Posts: 3,551 Level 5

    Hi @teresawallace44 @Yosca @Nix66 @Diamond Lim thx for contest & tags,

    Answers to all 8 differences in *Spoiler below!

    1. 3 Stars missing on top bar, to the right of Kingsley the Gerbil on 8 card!

    2. No Zero / 0 to the left of 9000!

    3. No 8 on top left of Black 8 Card!

    4. No Beetle / Scarab Bug at top left of number 10!

    5. Cat missing on card, at bottom right, below the leaf cards!

    6. Helena's belt buckle missing emblem!

    7. Helena's trouser pocket has two missing buttons!

    8. The emblem's for the phone app at the bottom are missing!

    Cyas Origins7 Dale, 😀

    My Player / User ID: 9815076088 


  • LilyEvansLilyEvans Posts: 351 Level 3

    @DieOmimi my answers are the same as yours: 1. missing the 0 - zero;

    2. 3 stars are missing;

    3. Scorpio is absent;

    4. The figure is missing on the right card;

    5. Belt buckle;

    6. Button trouser pocket;

    7. Card 8 corner 8;

    8. From the mobile phone or tablet triangle, circle, square

  • Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 64,067 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Hello there and Welcome to Sweet King Community! 👋😄

    Thank you for your love playing Pyramid Solitaire Saga! 😊

    Can you find out all of differences? 😊

    You can see this contest rules here first then don't forget to use spoiler feature and answer all of 8 differences into spoiler that you can chance to win gold bars to the King game of your choice (except Crash On the Run) if you got fully correct answers until 31st May 2021 (13:00 CET). 😉

    Would you like to be contacted in the community for discussions and Gold Bars here? (by @teresawallace44 the Pyramid Solitaire Moderator)

    Good luck and have a nice day! 🤞😊

  • FakhriFakhri Posts: 657 Level 4

    Hi dear @teresawallace44

    Can i post d pic marking what is missing? In spoiler or I just have to write what is missing

    Takecare dear

    Please reply asap

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