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❗❗❗ I want to make something clear! ❗❗❗



  • DGenevieve
    DGenevieve Posts: 1,749 Level 5

    I wasn’t going to say (write) anything, but I felt uncomfortable, so here goes.

    I read the other thread, the conversation between @Spinnifix and @ElenaVorona . It was clearly a misunderstanding from the start.

    @Spinnifix I see that you’re very passionate in helping players as well as proposing ideas & suggestions and I applaud you for that. However, I think that you’re, sometimes, too sensitive and I think that’s why you misunderstood the first reply from @ElenaVorona even though she had tried to clarified it.

    @ElenaVorona I do not think what you said was wrong and I think you have a strong personality ( which isn’t a negative thing to me), so perhaps to others it can come off as too aggressive. Hence, it can easily be misunderstood in a conversation.

    The bottom line is, no one is wrong here. Everyone had a point and I think the other person’s opinion should be taken into consideration instead of letting it escalated into something else.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents.

  • hechicerilla
    hechicerilla Posts: 10,353 Legend

    Sorry, I am very lost, I have not read in the Community for a long time and I do not know what could have happened. I will try to find that misunderstanding you speak of. There are often misunderstandings and not all people have the ability or patience to want to resolve them. There are people who insist on being right by attacking others. I have also suffered it, it is a shame, and many times they are people who believe that a medal or a title gives them the right to do so, they believe they are superior for that. You are a wonderful person, Spinnifix, and not everything is fair here, but please, I always tell you, don't let it affect you in real life.

  • shafer223
    shafer223 Posts: 265 Pro Player 👑

    I would like for it to be well known that if it was not for @Diamond Lim @spinner1995 and @rebelchild I would be completely lost in here youbguys are doing a great job keep your chins up and thank all of you😁😁😁😁😁

  • CassD
    CassD Posts: 18,516 Level 5

    I believe that everyone has the right to express his/her opinion, but sometimes things can and do get lost in translation, putting a different slant on things. In addition, some people express themselves more forcefully and offence can be taken where none is intended.

    @Spinnifix Keep up the good work and don't let it get you down.

  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 24,585 Sweet Legend


    Thank you for your kind words. I've done a lot since I've been here. Others don't do anything. Only, I will not continue, that is pushing my health limits. Anyone can do something. It's not my community. I'm just a little light here too. I will continue to help the players and do my German section and that's it. I hope you can understand me. I am human too and I have limits.💖

  • CassD
    CassD Posts: 18,516 Level 5

    @Spinnifix Your health matters more than anything and you mustn't let it suffer through frustration. Just sit back and enjoy what you're doing where you know you can work productively.

  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 24,585 Sweet Legend

    Thanks. I hope that I can go on vacation in 2 months. I need that urgently.

  • greddycandy
    greddycandy Posts: 12,429 Level 5

    Hi I'm just a player here, I just want to thank everyone who makes the community a better place for all! I appreciate everyone's efforts in making things better for players like myself. I hope that all misunderstandings get cleared up soon and hurt feelings get mended aswell!

    Thanx to all the volunteers who make the community a better place!

  • pearlyc1p
    pearlyc1p Posts: 89 Level 3

    @Spinnifix I appreciate you and all the other unsung heroes here . You are the peacekeepers and protectors of this wonderful community for those that need it. 🌸

  • tinytara1970
    tinytara1970 Posts: 247 Level 3

    I only found this thread because I was tagged. But, I'm a bit confused by this post!!! Not sure what the point actually is? Are we being told not to harass or criticize other players and make them feel uncomfortable? Well, I don't think I've ever done that, but, if I have, I sincerely apologize! I just assumed that the CM's and moderators were all volunteers. And, of course, I appreciate you all ... your time and hard work spent here helping us, taking care of our concerns, leading us and keeping the community on track, in general. I've only been part of the King community for a short while. But, I have enjoyed every minute, all discussions, the fun area, the contests and most of all, I've enjoyed my interactions with the other members. And, @Spinnifix, I see you everywhere and I thank you for all your help and volunteering your own time to answer our questions, help us when needed and guide us to the right sections, if we seem lost, LOL 😉 A BIG THANK YOU to all the Community Managers, Moderators and people like Spinnifix who help us out around here just because they want to. Last, but, certainly not least, I can think of quite a few people like that, who help out just because ... but, the few who immediately come to mind are @headoperations, @NamTruong2001, @NikolaosProdromidis, @rebelchild and @Lady_Sarina ~ who are always helping me out!!! Thank you guys and girls 😘

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