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Remember when ……………………

_Elsa_ Posts: 36,835 Sweet Legend

For our community members who joined us when this community first opened or shortly after that, you might remember some of the contests that we had back then. Our contests have evolved over the years and now the majority of the individual game contests relate to some of the game levels. Which is great! 

However, my mind thinks King characters and some of the original contests reflected that. We had crossword puzzles, search a word puzzle, various math puzzles, mazes and more. The word puzzles created a problem for the community members who didn’t speak English so those contests were limited. The favored contest seemed to be Find the differences contest. With that in mind if you never had a chance to complete this type of puzzle before, here is your chance to do so now. There is no badge involved nor any gold bars. It’s just plain fun! For all newbies who just joined us recently, please join in and meet some awesome community members who might be playing the same game(s) as you.

Below please find the 2 images (top picture is the good picture) and the bottom picture has 15 changes or missing things. Can you find all of them?

Please use the spoiler box to list all of them. Newbies below the image please find directions on where to find this box.

Click on the backwards P on the left side and when the box pops up click on the quotation mark and then on the spoiler.

Or if you prefer, you can circle all the differences and attach them in your response. Since there are no winnings involved it can still be kind of secretive as to what your response is. 

So what are you waiting for? Newbies ………….. community members ………….long time community members …………. Please join in!

Before closing this message, here is the link to our game Contests. Choose your game(s) and give them a try for a chance to win a badge and/or some gold bars.



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