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Hi everyone and welcome to the King Community!

Thanks for coming and don't be shy, this is your home! We are happy to have you here. Together, we'll make this place sweeter than ever :3.

In case you're wondering what this is about, it's all about a group of players helping each others make the most out of King games. But not only! You will also find here Community Managers and Community Moderators from King, as well as Superstars. So, want to meet the Team?

Meet the Community Managers (or CMs)

Each CM is in charge of a few games and makes sure to bring fast updates and sweet news to the Community! 

Meet @Xarly - our passionate Soda expert who puts his heart in everything he does! Xarly will be helping you on the Candy Crush Soda Community!

Meet @Pounawea - Spanish, born and raised in the sunny Barcelona, he loves sports, especially football (or soccer), snowboarding and hiking. You will find Pounawea in the Candy Crush Saga community, so come and say hi!

Meet @QueenRaffie -  a passionate travelling lover ( that's the reason for her avatar!) and especially if that means getting lost in the middle of a desert paradise island 🏝 3 . She's also a sports lover, enjoys photography and is a film and series geek  . And she just likes girafes 🦒 ( I know.. it's weird ). She's in charge of the Bubble Witch and Diamond Diaries Community. You'll see her around sharing news and spells, taking part in conversations and throwing some bubblicious brilliant gifts from time to time. 

Meet @QueenMia - There's a reason Mia's avatar is a cat! Just like them, she loves laying down under the sun, food and simply enjoy life. She's also a nature lover, a world traveller, enjoys photography and getting lost in the middle of nowhere (understand nature). You'll meet Mia around in the Candy Crush Friends and the Candy Crush Jelly Communities.

Meet the Community Moderators

You'll find the Mods around helping out on the Community!

@Crazy Cat Lad
- Cat adorer who enjoys the beach, wine, kettlebells and also helping you in AlphaBetty, Pet Rescue and Pet Puzzle Saga and Papa Pear.

- QueenB loves Norwegian chocolate. She will be assisting you with anything on Farm Heroes Saga, Farm Heroes Super Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga.

@Lola_Pop -
she can't resist swimming and splashing around as soon as she sees water: may it be the sea, a lake, a river or a swimming-pool- even in winter. You'll find her in Blossom Blast Saga, Pyramid Solitaire, Shuffle Cats, Scrubby Dubby, Diamond Digger and Pepper Panic.

Meet the Superstars!

The Community would not be what it is without our fantastic Superstars! These are la crème de la crème, spending days and nights to help you out on this Community. You'll recognise them by the 3 stars on their avatar and signature!

There are 14 of them: @Chicken_Slayer, @JustPlaying, @Pummy_Raj, @firebombmarkus, @Elsa, @Lynette, @Foley1362, @mysticalmysty, @bearwithme, @RegalRenz, @Crimson_Dawn, @Sukanta_Biswas, @LizzyLemondrop and @SeraphicStar - They're the sweetest, please be nice to them and they'll go the extra mile to help you out  :3 

Meet the Ambassadors

We also have our lovely Ambassadors @WilyReptile and @TheFishsta. They can be found hanging around the very exclusive BackStage area taking care of all those juicy sneak peek... Shhhhh! 

Meet the Kingsters behind the Kingdom's magic

Meet the people behind the scenes, the ones creating all this delicious universe that is the Kingdom: Game artists, Level designers, Content specialists, Game Producers, Customer support agents... Come and find out more about who we are! Right here.

🌟 🍭 🌟

Now you know everyone! Don't be shy and feel free to introduce yourself below! We want to know all about you :awesome:

Welcome to the King Community!
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