Meet the Kingsters - Meet Candycrushinator, Senior Game Designer on Candy Crush Friends Saga!

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Hello Community Crew!

The Community is a great place to get to know each other, but what about knowing the people behind the magic of the Kingdom?

We thought it would be a great idea to share some of the personalities from behind the scenes and meet fantastic Kingsters!  

These are the minds that create all this delicious universe: From Game Artists, Level Designers, Content Specialists, Game Producers and Customer Support Agents - all of them are included, so come and meet the team.

This week, we sat down with @CandyCrushinator, our talented Game Designer for Candy Crush Friends and here is what we got to know! Please come and say hi!

"Hello Everyone I’m a Senior Game Designer on Candy Crush Friends Saga!  

It’s my job to ensure that you all have fun playing the game.  The designer is the advocate of the player, if I’m doing my job right then you’re having fun.  So basically it’s the best job that you can have 😊 …perhaps I’m biased though…  I have worked on a bunch of features that you may have seen including the Yeti Santa, Nutcracker King of Hearts, Olivia and Bubblegum Troll events.  I also work on our “collection” team trying to make sure that your candy surprises and everything related to them are as sweet as possible".


  • Tell us 3 funny things about yourself
. I was the voice actor for a 15 year old cartoon pilot of a mechanical lion when I was 28 years old

. I’m an extrovert in a studio and country full of introverts but I’m going to slowly convert them all to my hyperactive ways

. When I was 5 years old I liked to climb a lot…but I wasn’t so good at climbing down, so I would jump.  I went to the ER 4 times in 4 weeks that summer.  When my mom went in a few days after I was in there for the 4th time to get something that we had accidentally left there.  All of the nurses said hi and asked how I was doing…

  • If you were a King game, which one would you be? If I was a game at King game I would be Candy Crush Friends Saga of course because I’m sweeter than ever!
  • If you were a candy? I would be a chocolate covered pretzel.  The perfect combination of sweet and salty
  • If you were a game character? I would be Olivia…with far fewer tentacles.  I’m always trying to help people that are in a jam.
  • If you were a video game? I would be "Octodad 2: Dadliest Catch" because deep down I’m an octopus trying to be a father.
  • What's your favourite food? My favorite food is Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza.

  • Is there something that you would like to tell our players?

We work hard to make the game as fun as possible and while we do read the forums we can’t always act on feedback right away because there’s so much to do.  So keep calm and candy on!

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Well, thanks for the great time, @CandyCrushinator, now you'll have to tell us what's a Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza exactly! 

Now, is there something that YOU would like to tell @CandyCrushinator?
Comment below if you do👇🤗

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  • ElsaElsa Posts: 21,478 Superstar
    Hi @CandyCrushinator it's great learning more about you.  I think what you are doing for the players in the community is fantastic.  I sure hope that they appreciate you dropping in to respond to them.  I look forward to seeing your messages!  Whose idea was it to make the Bubblegum Troll blow bubbles from his backside?  =)
  • firebombmarkusfirebombmarkus Posts: 9,276 Superstar
    Hello from one more introvert 🙈 @CandyCrushinator It's great to see you here again and read more about you 😊 I will use this opportunity to thank you for all your effort during the BGT event and @QueenMia's absence. It was great to see you interacting with players! Enjoy your weekend 🤗
  • melhencemelhence Posts: 101 ✭✭✭
    Hi...loving Candy Friends :)...just really really looking forward to the feature of typing in the number of the level one wants to play :)

  • Crimson_DawnCrimson_Dawn Posts: 1,956 Superstar
    @CandyCrushinator, I don't play CC Friends yet, but I love these interviews! Trust me, I know a thing or two about the ER. Once, I broke both arms at once. You sound about as accident prone as I am!😅

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  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 4,433 Superstar
    Hello @CandyCrushinator - I loved finding out more about you.  I have seen you out and about in the community.  Sounds like your childhood was a bit similar to my husbands - they would greet his Mom by name whenever they showed up to the ER.  Thankfully you both survived your adventure filled childhoods and are around today. 

    I love Candy Crush Friends and Olivia is one of my favorite characters.  I love to have her help free her fellow Octopi (not sure if that is the correct word for multiple octopus 😆).  Keep those fun events coming - they are awesome - many thanks! 😊🤗💕

    Next time I'm in the Windy City I will definitely check that place out!

    "Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." - Winnie the Pooh

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  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 10,290 Superstar
    edited July 19
    Hello @CandyCrushinator
    Nice Graphics, Animations, Funny Character's, Music & Beautiful Game Map 💖 Each of them has encouraged our gameplay, Sometimes by keeping the game closed, We enjoyed the fun of characters.😊

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  • marscrushinitmarscrushinit Posts: 2,536 Legend
    Thank you so much for sharing with us @CandyCrushinator ! It's nice to learn about the people behind the game . I have seen you here in the community  and think it's great that the kingsters  are involved in the community.  Thanks again for the great interview 😃

    Keep crushing it 🍭
  • mysticalmystymysticalmysty Posts: 13,632 Superstar
    Hi @CandyCrushinator good to finally know more about you. We can’t thank you enough for all the magic that you create on our games. Have a lovely weekend 🍏🥰

    It's going to be Friend-Tastic ❄️
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  • AshrafAshraf Posts: 3,658 Legend
    Thank you @CandyCrushinator (nice name by the way😉) ... thank you for your work as a designer .. I am working as interior designer so I know it is not just fun... It is a hard work too...

    I love this outfit so much and I hope to have it .. nice work in the design 👍😊
    (For some reason I can't make a picture on posts now 😂)
    This is the outfit I am talking about

    Olivia design is fun too .. I once played with her .. and my little kids loved her dancing so much 😆
    (I don't know how... but she is not in my scrapbook😂!!!)

    Nice funny moments you talked about .. I wish they make a video about the Candy Crush Friends Saga designers... and you all talk about the designs and about yourselves too .. It will be cool to see that ☺🌷


  • ElsaElsa Posts: 21,478 Superstar
    edited July 20
    @CandyCrushinator how large is your entire team in the studio?  I didn't realize that you guys have separate animators, totally separate from the graphic artists.  So how does this work?  Is it one group of graphic artists that do the backgrounds on the board.  Another group that does the new outfits for the friends?  Another to do the animations?  Another group to do the fun events.  How many separate groups make up the one large group?
  • RegalRenzRegalRenz Posts: 6,151 Superstar
    Thanks for taking the time to share with us @CandyCrushinator and thanks for being so interactive in the community. You were the first Kingster I saw who was in the threads often helping out and just interacting with players. I for one definitely appreciated it. 

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