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So...what’s the King Community?
This is THE place to meet for all King games players. A meeting point where you can chat about all things King and get to know new friends and new games.

What will I find here?
Here you can read an awesome guide written by one of the Superstars, Elsa, about all the fun and interesting things you can find in the Community.
As quick summary, there are four main areas:

Discover the Community,
where you can find information about the Community itself, about the Community team, and where you can Meet the Kingsters who craft your favorite games. There you will also find general information about technical issues that you may have regarding your game.

Contest Area,
where you can participate in competitions and games and win cool badges and sometimes even Gold Bars.

Superstar Corner
, where you can read all about the Superstar program and also you can ask the Superstars any questions that you might have about the program. 

where you’ll access the different game Communities.

How can I look for information?
Once you know how to move around the Community, you’ll manage to get to the area you want very quickly.
There, just do a search using the search bar. You might find the information you need straight away!

What if I want to ask a question or post a comment?

Let’s imagine you don’t find the answer to your question. No worries! In that case you can ask your question yourself.
First things first: you’ll have to create an account. That’s easy peasy: just sign up right here Now you’re all set to start posting!
You can both comment on an existing thread, or click on the green “Ask a question” or “New Discussion” buttons
Do you want to add images, screenshots or emojis to your comments? You can do it so:

And last but not least, learn more about points, badges and other fantastic things here

These posts can be very helpful in order to get started:

 Community Guide

Meet the Community Team

Don't be shy and say hi!

So, once again: welcome and have fun!!

⭐️New to the Community? No account yet?  You can register here in just 2 seconds!
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