**EDIT: Unsupported Language** جوائز

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**EDIT: Unsupported Language** السلام عليكم والرحمه راي بسيط مني شخصيا ليش مايكون مبلغ مالي للفازين بل مراكز الاولي  رسالتك


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    Hello! @almlyh 👋
    Welcome to King Community! 👑

    Sorry for your reply because we can only use English that we can understand while we can help you on King Community! You can translate to English on Google Translate as well! 👍

    You can try again to post the comment but you need to translate English as well! Thank you! 😊

    And you don't forget to join these game's contests to chance to win gold bars (boosters) if you have playing any King's Games!

    ** You can see "Announcement" , that means you can join it to chance to win gold bars. And "Finished" , that means that contest is over or finished! **

    Have a nice day! 😊

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    Sorry but English is the language that we use to talk on our community.
    If you do not know english please use some translating apps.
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