Rewards and Money Pit

What is the purpose of the sugar stars or trophies? It seems the game has become a money pit. No creative way to earn bars without spending and no real rewards. I've been playing for years. I'm playing more now because my fiance had a motorcycle accident and died. Just realized the game doesn't offer much anymore unless you pay. I need to start playing other games more. Why no real rewards anymore?


  • kimkay6770kimkay6770 Posts: 1 New Bee
    This game has definitely become a money pit. Cant use gold when i need to. Always waiting for thw game to catch up. I really enjoyed till all of the glitches started. Hope it get fix aoon. And would reallyblike to be compensated for at least half the money i have spent. 
  • Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 1,048 Community Moderator
    Hello @JazzyOne and @kimkay6770 , and welcome to our Community!

    JazzyOne, I'm very sorry for your loss. 

    Kimkay6770, please let me know if there is an issue in your app that we could try to fix together that prevents you from using Gold Bars. 

    I also want to thank both of you for your feedback, we really appreciate that you take the time to tell us what you think about the game. Are you talking about Candy Crush Saga? Maybe you have some ideas for the game, that you can share with your fellow players here=)

    ❤️Come together and discover the Community here❤️

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