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Voilà j’aimerais bien savoir comment fonctionne cette communauté et comment faire pour converser ici parce que j’aimerais savoir si mes coéquipiers de jeux sont bien présents la plus pas du temps


  • Glenn1972Glenn1972 Posts: 13,760 Level 5

    Hello @JeanCharles33 , and Welcome to the King Community!! 👑

    I am glad to see you here and we want to help!! 🤝

    By the House Rules here we can only use English in this community so all will be able to understand.

    Some of us use * Google Translate and the “copy and paste” function to post your message in English. ❤️


    You may like to visit the Communauté de langue française!!

    French Language Community

    Hope you enjoy your day 😊 

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  • JeanCharles33JeanCharles33 Posts: 4 Newbie

    Here's how I d like to know how this community works and how to converse here because I would like to know if my gaming teammates are well present the more time

  • Glenn1972Glenn1972 Posts: 13,760 Level 5

    Hello @JeanCharles33 , great to see your comment in English!! Good job.

    Now we can understand you better. ❤️

    What game(s) do you play?

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