SueCSueC Posts: 2
I'm just curious, how many lives do you receive at the start of the day?  5 or 10?


  • lindalie08lindalie08 Posts: 2

    I just want to say that I disappointed because my lives was gone 5.  Now I just have 5lives..before that I got 10lives..what happens with that
  • SueCSueC Posts: 2
    Yes, I was getting 10 lives, now it's at 5 lives.  Very disappointing because 5 lives don't last long.  I don't mind purchasing once in a while,  but only giving 5 lives is pathetic.  I may quit playing.  I don't understand why King did this.
  • lindalie08lindalie08 Posts: 2
    I don't know.. So dissapointing
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