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Hey there fellow Blossom Blast fan! 

We want to get to know you all! That's why we are opening up a thread like this, because the more we know each other, the more we can celebrate this awesome community! 

I'll start with myself; Hi everyone, I'm Lola_Pop, I'm a Community Moderator here at King and I'm working alongside my bee-tiful colleagues - XarlyQueenMia, @Crazy Cat Lad, @QueenB, @QueenRaffie and @Pounawea

I'm also moderating other games: Shuffle Cats, Diamond Digger Saga, Pyramid Solitaire Saga, Scrubby Dubby, Saga and Pepper Panic, so you will see me around there as well.

We also have great Super Stars kindly helping out - you will recognize them for example from their customized signatures. Meet the whole amazing team right here! 

I'm sure we'll have a great time together! I've heard you are a lovely community, and I'm really looking forward to knowing a bit more about you! What do you like best about Blossom Blast Saga?

❤️Come together and discover the Community here❤️



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