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how to use speed blossom??



  • tjtktjtjtjtktjtj Posts: 2
    Are you planning to develop it?

    u said "We'd like to improve it by making it optional in the game so you can enable/disbale it, but I'm afraid it won't happen in the following weeks."

    Can I use it later if I wait?

    Can't you tell how long it takes?

    Are you saying there's a plan to develop, and the period is not set?

    I am not good at English.
    I want you to explain it briefly and easily.

    thank u

  • Jelly_JennyJelly_Jenny Posts: 1,902 Community Moderator
    Hi @tjtktjtj :waving:

    I'm moving this post you created to the one that already exists so @Paula_Báguena  has a better chance of seeing your comment. 

    In general I would recommend keeping your game always up to date, so you will receive all changes made in the game. These tests are first made with a smaller group of players so if this would be an option in the future, unfortunately we can't guarantee that you'll get this test. 

    But fingers crossed it will be a feature in the future! 🤞

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  • Paula_BáguenaPaula_Báguena Posts: 71 Kingster
    Hello @tjtktjtj, sorry for the delay on my reply! I've been busy :( 

    There's no plan right now to develop it as we are focusing in different features to improve the game. We will investigate in the future different ways to speed up the game, not necessarily inside the levels but on the transitions where it takes too long. But again, we need to take care of another things first so don't wait for it, I hope you can enjoy the features we're preparing instead! 

    Thanks for the patience, I'll update you if there's any change of plans. :3
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