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Level 1448

asdfhjxasdfhjx Posts: 6
Is someone else experiencing problems with this level? The wood circles aren't moving as they usually do, making it impossible (for me at least) to complete this level.


  • Paula_BáguenaPaula_Báguena Posts: 73 Kingster
    Hello @asdfhjx! Welcome to the community, I'm Paula and I work in Blossom's development team =)  
    I just tried the level you mentioned and you're right!! I talked now to the level designers and they are working to fix the level. 

    I'll let you know when it gets fixed so you can continue with your progression, it shouldn't take long. 

    Thanks A LOT for spoting it and coming here to tell us <3
  • Paula_BáguenaPaula_Báguena Posts: 73 Kingster
    Hi again! You should now get the level working properly, let me know if it works :hurrah:
  • asdfhjxasdfhjx Posts: 6
    Thank you very much Paula! It's now working and I passed it😄

  • Paula_BáguenaPaula_Báguena Posts: 73 Kingster
    AMAZING! <3
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