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Bubble Witch Saga 2 Crashes

I play Bubble Witch Saga 2 on my IPad.  Today October 27th my Bubble Witch Saga 2 app was upgraded to version 1.75.00. I am unable to play since this App update was installed.  When I attempt to open it the App starts to load and then crashes.  Why does it crash. When will this be fixed?


  • It’s crashing for a month now I use iPhone 7 Plus 

  • SataiDelennSataiDelenn Posts: 5
    Please help! I'm trying to play Bubble Witch Saga 2 on my computer. I was playing fine until the Lava level thing. Now it shows "Play" but won't let me click on "Play" so that I can play! Again, PLEASE HELP! And when I say I'm playing on my COMPUTER, that's exactly what I mean. I am NOT playing on one of those phone things. I'm playing on my COMPUTER!!!
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