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BW3 - Level changing? Not getting the same amount of moves as your friends or as on videos?

QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 7,266 Community Manager
edited December 2018 in Bubble Witch 3

If you are wondering why the amount of moves changed from one day to another or if you are wondering why you have less moves than your friends, husband, colleagues or strangers this post is for you!

Please be aware that our Game Studios are constantly working on enhancing our games by introducing new features, improving gameplay or testing concepts. To ensure the change is a positive one, a randomly chosen group of players is always selected to trial them. We then look closely at how the change has been viewed and then decide if it's something we want to permanently implement in the game or not.

This means it’s always possible there are minor variations (including the number of moves) to that of someone else who plays, or perhaps on an existing video on YouTube, especially as YouTube videos are sometimes recorded when a level is in test, or if a player is using a Cheat Engine.  So when comparing gameplay to YouTube or another player, we recommend looking at it for tips on which part of the level to focus on and how best to solve any puzzles or challenges.  Checking and copying the overall tactics gives the clues to beat the level and usually leads to sweet success!

While we know that some levels are challenging, we can assure you that with some good luck, patience and a clear strategy they all can be beaten! As a tip, we recommend making use of boosters too, as we’re offering boosters in more places than ever before.  Add a couple to your level attempts and you should find it’ll become much easier to overcome.

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