Bingo rules

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You have to collaborate with other players to complete the bingo doing individual missions. When the bingo is complete, all the participants will earn a reward.

Each mission is a tile on a grid. They can be selected by any player, one at a time:

Each Bingo has:

  • 16 tiles, one for each mission
  • A team of 3 players
  • A bingo ends when a column or row is completed, or it can expire (see inactivity rules).
  • Feature unlocks after completing level 30

  • How to play:
  • Every player can tap on a tile to see the mission information.
  • Choosing a mission:
    • Taping on the green button in a mission will hold that mission for the player, nobody else will be able to complete that mission for the time it's on hold.
    • A player can only play at 1 mission at a time.
    • The player can abandon the mission voluntarily.
    • Replaying levels is valid for completing missions.
  • When a row or column is completed the Bingo will finish. (Diagonal will not get a reward)
  • The Bingo has a limited time, so it can expire.
  • When the Bingo finishes, players automatically get a new Bingo card with a new team.

How to get a reward:

  • Complete all the missions from the same row or column. All team members will get a reward except those who didn't complete one single mission in the whole card.
  • It doesn't matter which member of the team completed them, as long as they are completed.

Missions limit per day:

  • To ensure collaboration, every player can complete 2 missions per day

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