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Problem with a purchase

K_BubblyK_Bubbly Posts: 2
edited June 12 in Bubble Witch 2
Hi, I'd like to ask for your help please!
On Monday 10 June I played Bubble Witch 2 Saga until the Piggy Bank was full (50 gold bars). Then I bought them for £2.99 as is described in the app, I paid with my Google account (receipt attached).

Prior to the purchase, I had 9 gold bars left, but after the purchase, I found that instead of having 59 gold bars in total, I had only 12, and the Piggy Bank displayed "- 50".
Today, I went back into the game to take the screenshots, and I see it's displaying "-36", in the Piggy Bank (the other team members played I think), and I still only have 12 gold bars instead of 59.
So, what's happened is I've paid £2.99 for only 3 gold bars! Something went wrong! So I'd like to ask for your help to fix it for me please (I couldn't access the support in the app itself).
Your help would be very much appreciated,
With many thanks,

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