“Do you want to keep playing” message has no close/decline/no thanks option

KagsKags Posts: 2
I’ve been away from the game for a couple of weeks, come back to a new version (1.103) on iPad Mini iOS (12.2), and at the end of every game I get a message asking if I want to keep playing and convert my boosters to gold bars, and if so, “Click here!”.
I don’t want to, I’m happy to accept that I lost and to try again, but there doesn’t appear to be anyway out of the screen ... no “No thanks”, no “X” (I’ve even tried holding the iPad at an angle in case it’s very faint and to avoid reflections etc) etc.  
I’ve tried waiting to see whether the message times out, but seemingly not. The only thing I can do seems to be close the game and reload it ... which is a bit of a pain. I suppose I could take a risk on the “Click here!” and hope that there’s a later option to decline, but I don’t want to take the risk.


  • KagsKags Posts: 2
    Update to the above: this is what I’m seeing. I don’t want to risk clicking on it and losing all my boosters!

  • Nancy_RosenfeldNancy_Rosenfeld Posts: 4
    I’ve had this issue for a few months and do what you do.  It is very annoying.  I opened a ticket for it and was told to go ahead and ‘tap here’ and it would not take my boosters.  Activision/King also wanted me to install some spyware which i refuse to do.  Until they fix this problem, i will continue to play less and less.  It has taken all the enjoyment out of the game.  

    Have you heard anything?
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