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  • cristianmartinezcristianmartinez Posts: 1 New Bee
    hola ya complete todo el 2do piso y no puedo avanzar que puedo hacer?
  • ariver105ariver105 Posts: 7 New Bee
    I work be happy if the stars stop freezing and convert to stardust. I'm losing points ..not happy. Should be a way to earn bars. Also something to ease all the cloud coverage..like a sunshine blast or special witches brew.  Or getting rid of the frogs  with a bird, like a raven.  
  • sharpshooter8888sharpshooter8888 Posts: 46 Level 2
    Hi Queen Mia!

    Will more levels be added to the star cat 'house'? I have completed all that are available in the beanstalk screen and just keep getting the congratulations screen now.

    If there are no upgrades available after the beanstalk, more levels should be added as this is the only way (for me? or others too?) to use stardust other than to trade for extra lives. Something other than a beanstalk - like a 2 or 3 level separate house with open front (like a dollhouse concept) for each cat would be awesome - with mutiple opportunities to add items in each house and level. Animations could be created to allow us to peek into the house and see progress on our rennovations, but the house would only 'open' once the rennovation opportunities are earned, and during the rennovation period. Only one house could be worked on at a time - with all houses not being renovated visible in the background and the house you are working on taking center stage. Rennovations could also happen to the outside of the houses - making them more and more elaborate. You could add additional opportunities for bonuses in each 'house' - like occassional temporary increases (30 minutes) in the maximum benefits that each star cat provides, temporary increases in moves (3-5 per level for 30 minutes), temporary increases in boosters - placing a time range (15 minutes?) on them to allow you to reuse a booster as you advance through levels rather than one use only. Winning an opportunity to SWITCH a booster occassionally would be awesome as well. And all in all - the more starpoints that are necessary to do renovations could be tied to how good the benefits are that you can earn.

    Also more frequent opportunities - not tied to winning levels - to earn extra moves would be great - like adding 5 moves on one day of Maggie's round of benefits to replace stardust - which has limited use especially after you reach the maximum levels in the star cat house.

    It would be nice to gain some benefit from winning levels on the first go - especially on the higher levels which are SO CHALLENGING, and also to benefit from winning 3 stars on every level. SO, maybe every 10 chapters, if you get three stars on all levels in every chapter, you get a booster ONCE per level for every level for 30 minutes of play or 5 extra moves for every level for 30 minutes of play.

    For the blockers, a black, smoking multiplying bubble would be interesting. Each time you hit it 10 more regular bubbles would appear, and the only way to knock it out would be to blast it three times. It would also move up to keep pace as you advance upward, continuing to multiply bubbles until you finally blast it away. Once you eliminate it, you would get a bonus of 5-10 bubbles disappearing somewhere on the level.

    All of the above would be great oppotrunities for adding the ability to earn extra gold bars as well. ;o)

  • GamegurlTTGamegurlTT Posts: 4 New Bee
    I’m just trying to unlock the store! It’s never open to buy anything! I need help with this, please!🙏🏼 GamegurlTT15 
  • pattizinkpattizink Posts: 1 New Bee
    I have not been getting my star dust, and I have won three times with no star dust.
  • ariver105ariver105 Posts: 7 New Bee
    Lots of comments about stars and star dust.. It's not working, no matter what we try
  • Katrinac1981Katrinac1981 Posts: 3 New Bee
    Bubble witch 3 is my favourite game but the amount of times my game has stopped working or not gave me rewards i have earned is disappointing, i would love t see these problems fixed as the game is brilliant and very addictive lol
  • GaosyGaosy Posts: 2 New Bee
    Its one of my favorite game. PLayed almost everyday. I give a Five STAR RATING!!
  • QueenRaffieQueenRaffie Posts: 722 Community Manager
    Thank you everyone for your feedback :)

    Then again, this is only for helpers and blockers. 

    Please, anything related to Support here is the link 

    Anything related to General Feedback here is the link 

    Thank you everyone and have a Bubblific day  :3

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  • sakurasakura Posts: 131 Game Expert
    i wish there was a helper that could give us more moves! i think there is a "fire charm" but i have never had it in my gameplay. :(
  • FlowerBombM0mFlowerBombM0m Posts: 2 New Bee
    I love love love this game, I do think some of the higher levels over 120 don’t have enough shoots for you to make to pass them so they sometimes take 30 turns until you do it perfect or get three hats a a super gem to use, but even still it’s my all time favorite game . 
  • yrn255yrn255 Posts: 1 New Bee
    I like the game but there's too much to do before the game even starts. Teams, treasure chest, instructions! Tapping the screen doesn't make it go faster. I would like to be able to play without having to sit through a minute of extra stuff. I don't play as often as I like because I don't want to sit and wait for all of that to play out,, there are other things I have to do and other games that don't require it's players to jump through hoops to play.
  • deragonsderagons Posts: 2 New Bee
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