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Can’t connect to internet! (Reported - Under investigation)!

WoodyWoody Posts: 51 ✭✭✭
edited October 30 in Bubble Witch 2
When trying to claim  a completed Team Quests I'm getting can't connect to server.

My internet is fine and have tried all the usual solutions.

I don't want to reinstall the game and loose my boosters.

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  • JumpyJumpy Posts: 0

    I have been trying for days now to connect the game to the internet. I have no connection issues anywhere else - all other apps working fine. I've tried restarting my phone, clearing the cache, switching between Wi-Fi and 4g etc. There is no update waiting so I assume it's all up to date. It's getting frustrating as I can't make potions, connect to the store, receive/give lives or claim my bingo prize. Please fix this! I don't want to uninstall the game and lose my progress.

  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 5,854 Community Manager
    edited October 2018

    Hello jumpy (cool nickname!)

    In that case, if nothing worked, the only solution will be to reinstall the game, but don't worry about losing your progress! Take a screenshot of your level and boosters and I'll be able to add these back to your account once it's reinstalled ;)

    Here's some help on how to add the screenshot here - let me know if anything!



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  • veilletveillet Posts: 1
    edited January 24
    regularly during the bingo nero the game marks: connection impossible to the server to try later. It's very annoying. Especially when only one mission remains to win.
  • veilletveillet Posts: 1
    regularly during the bingo nero the game marks: connection impossible to the server to try later. It's very annoying. Especially when only one mission remains to win.

  • nic230300nic230300 Posts: 1
    edited February 6
    I have the same issue. I’m playing on my iPad as I always do but recently it says I can’t connect to the internet .it means I can’t even spend my gold bars that I previously purchased. I’m huessing if I uninstall, I will lose my progress and my purchases?
  • Abbers727Abbers727 Posts: 2
    edited March 12
    I've had the same issue. My iPad's software is up to date. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing the app. It's not just Bubble Witch Saga 2. It's also Bubble Witch Saga 3 and Candy Crush Jelly.  All the apps are updated. The iPad is to date with the software. I've turned my iPad on and off. When I try to log in, it asks me if I want to continue and I say yes and then it gives me a blank webpage and doesn't connect. then I get a failed connection notification on the app.

    I've also turned my modem off and then back on again.

  • QueenRaffieQueenRaffie Posts: 452 Community Manager
    Hello @Woody :)

    Could please tell me your game ID? Here you have the link on how to find it
    Also, could you do me a favour and take a screenshot to see what's happening? And, could check what is the game version number?
    For instructions on how to take a screenshot, please visit:

    Thank you and have a Magic day :3

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  • sweaneykennedysweaneykennedy Posts: 1
    edited October 18
    Tried all solutions above, re-installed (lost lives, thanks), and also cleared cache. Happened with the team effort where you need to win 4 challenges in a row on bubble-witch 2. Unable to collect prizes. I lost 200 levels re-installing. Fed up.
  • hope4mehope4me Posts: 1
    Well this isn't much help!
  • helenc111helenc111 Posts: 1
    I also have it coming up connect to the internet.  It was ok until latest update. I play on my phone
  • JIGAR8600JIGAR8600 Posts: 1
    Bubble Witch Saga / Support / Bubble Witch 2
    Help! I lost my progress. I was playing bingo and could not get my prize saying cannot connect to server after clicking claim but all other apps were ok. I reinstalled it but my all power or prizes had gone and I’m not able to play the daily quest also  so what do i do?
    Please help me as soon as possible...
  • amruddockamruddock Posts: 2
    I'm having the same problem its telling me that my server is down to try later, but really it's not down
    I have tried  uninstalling and re installing it I have shut down my phone and restarted it but its still telling me I'm not connected 
    Help Please 
  • deniceGdeniceG Posts: 1
    Hi, newBee here, I’ve been getting the ‘cant connect to server’ message when trying to claim my bingo prizes. This has now been going on for a few days.  Other apps are all ok; i’ve closed and opened the game; restarted my ipad; tried connecting to a completely different network.  
    is there a solution to this without losing progress?
  • janejoy05janejoy05 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. Done everything. Even deleted and reinstalled. Still same problem. Says cannot connect to internet. 
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