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I didn’t get what I paid for.

I bought a special for $1.99. It was for reaching level 1900. It included several power ups and gold bars. I only got the gold bars. 


  • sassiecsassiec Posts: 2
    Same here. Purchased a special for $1.99 received everything, but after the malfunction of connecting to the server was resolved I didn’t receive none of my power ups back. I received 10 fireballs and 10 morphing wands, used 2 fireballs and 1 wand, now I have nothing.  Please assist!
  • paul5473paul5473 Posts: 77 Game Expert
    edited October 22
    Hello @robinlipp and @sassiec ;

    Welcome to the fourms hope you're having a great day.

    That sucks that you didn't receive what you paid for hopefully @QueenRaffie can check this for you.

  • QueenRaffieQueenRaffie Posts: 445 Community Manager
    Hello everyone :)

    Sorry to hear about your issue :( 

    Here in Community we don't handle purchases. You need to contact our Player Support team. But don't worry, I will guide you through it! 

    Go to Player Support contact here.

    Under topic select: Problems with Purchases 

    Then under subtopic: Purchased item not received.

    Include your Game ID on the message - This link will help you find it.

    Note! It can take up to 72h before receiving a reply.

    Hope this helps :3

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  • sassiecsassiec Posts: 2
    That’s not the problem. Maybe, I selected the incorrect subject. I received what I paid for, but after the issue with the game everyone was having” the power ups I had left was all gone. I had 8 fire bombs and 9 morphing wands. 
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