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Behind the Scenes -Episode 96- Lost Landscapes

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Hello Witches and Wizards!

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We have a special treat for you today!
Today is Tuesday and that means...  A whole new Bubblific episode is released today! Here you can read what the Bubble Witch3 game studio thinks about this new episode!  
Show them some love but telling us what do you think! We love to hear from you 

"Welcome to this new adventure called Lost Landscapes.

Our favourite levels of this Episode 96 are 1882, 1891 and 1897
Also, you can find some challenging levels at 1884,1887,1890, 1893 and 1898.

Level 1882 is called Collect_Roaches Collect the owls that are hidden under the honeycomb.
Help yourself with the bicolors bubbles and mirrors to make this mission easier.
Make the firecrackers explode! 

Level 1891 is called Ghost_Banquet - Make the ghost reach the top and find the others ghosts! 
Exploit all the soap that has the ability to fly with the ghost to the top!hurrah

Level 1897 is called Clear_Sewers - Use the crystals to clear the level and the acid cauldron to open some space at the level! 

We hope you like this new episode! 
Join our Community and give us some feedback about your experience! "

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