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New levels! Episode 98 -Check what the Studio says about it

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Hello everyone!
Today is not any other day of the week. Today is Tuesday and that means... New Episode with new levels! 👏
Let's see what our amazing Level Designers will have to say about their favourite levels

" This new episode it's called Sharp Shapes.

This new adventure contains the levels from 1921 to 1940! Our favourite levels are 1922,1926 and 1935! At this level's you will find a lot of fun!
Also, you will find some challenge at these levels 1923, 1927, 1931, 1936 and 1939.

Level 1922 called Salcam
Pretty cool level, it's easy but you really need to be strategic to collect all the owls that are next to the bee padlocks.

Level 1926 called Bloodwine
Really interesting level! Try to explode all the arcane so you can clear more parts of the level!

Level 1935 Waterloo
Try to make the ghost past through the frogs! Try to get all the +5 in order to make this mission a little bit easier!
Hope you like it"

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