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Episode 99: Sky Sculptures

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Hello Witches and Wizards!

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It's Tuesday and that episode and lots of bubblific fun!!

Here's what the Studio says about episode 99:

"Today we have a new adventure. This new episode is called Sky Sculptures and contains levels from 1941 to 1960.
Our favorite levels are 1941, 1947 and 1960- these levels have a lot of challenges and they include really funny situations!

You can also find some challenges at levels 1943, 1946, 1950 , 1954 and 1957. These levels are not that easy! Let see if you can win them! 

What we like the most from these levels are:

The first level of the episode! Try to explode all the fire crackers and open some space so you can collect the birds without any problem!

Swap the level so you can collect all the birds!

The last level of the episode! Defeat Morgana- she is going to be moving in between three columns and hiding next to the pumpkins! 

Hope you enjoy this episode!

Please leave us some comments on what you want to see on the next episode!"

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  • eri19eri19 Posts: 31
    Hi. I'm stuck on level 1943, with no boosters or bonus games I'll be there forever 
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