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Episode 106- Dreamy Destination

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Hello Witches and Wizards!

As every Tuesday here you have a new episode released today! 
Here is what the Studio says about it: 

"This new adventure it's called "Dreamy Destination" 
and contains from levels 2081 to 2100. Our favourite designed levels are 2082, 2086 and 2094.
The most challenging levels are 2084, 2088, 2092, 2096 and 2099.

Here you have some tips to past our favourite levels :

Level 2082 called "Traumer" 
Use the flowers to collect some fairies and advance on the level. 
First, delete the spider webs and then shoot the fairies in order to
create a big explosion.

Level 2086 called "Exit film "
Pick all the +5 before they expire. Break part of the levels using the arcanes. 
Make the ghost go up by creating a match with the mirrors. 

Level 2094This level it's called " Vannistelroy "
Collect all the owls hitting the dublings first! 

Hope you enjoy this episode! "


If you want to have a perk on how this new episode looks like, here you have the video made by the amazing level designer of Bubble Witch3


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