Episode 110: Wondrous Way

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Hi Witches & Wizards!!

The new episode is out! It's called Wondrous Way and it promises lots of fun!!

Let's listen to our Game Studio designers:

"This episode 110 contains levels from 2161 to 2180. The most challenging ones are 2163, 2171, 2175 and 2179, and our favorite designs are numbers 2163, 2168 and 2177. Here are some tips to past these levels:

🌙 Level 2163:

"Lemonape" is a so-called ghost level with two different types of boosters. Try to find the best path to detonate most of these elements. It's a hard level, but we know that you can pass it!

🌙 Level 2168

This level's name is "Lemons". It's a "collect level" with tint bombs, mirrors, clone bubbles and dubblies. The tint bomb is your friend, so use them as a help...Boom!!

🌙 Level 2177

This level is called "Florinsalam", and it's a "clear-all" level with two colors. Use the crystal so you can break some specific areas and it's easier to advance!

We hope you like the episode!!"



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