Episode-111(Levels 2181 to 2200)- Dystopian Destiny

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Hello Witches and Wizards!

Today is Tuesday and that means...
New levels :hurrah:

Here's how the Bubble Witch3 Studio describes this Bubblicious episode that has 20 more levels!  Tell us in the comments below what you thought of the new levels love  

" This new adventure it's called Dystopian Destiny and contains levels from 2181 to 2200

You would find some challenge at levels 2183, 2186, 2191, 2195 and 2199, which are also our favourites designs.
Here are some tips to win some of these hard levels:


Level 2183 called BullsOnParade and it's a "clear all level"
Use the roses to create powerful shoots and open some space at the level so you can clear the board.

Level 2186 called RunningFree and it's a "ghost level"
  Use the brooms to sweep the fairy nest in order to break the level so you can open big areas and make the ghost go up.

Level 2191. This level it's called Pokimans and it's a "collect level"
Open the bee panels to discover the areas that are under these panels. There you can find some awesome boosters that can help you a lot! 

Hope you enjoy this episode and see you next week!"

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