Episode 112(Levels 2201 to 2220! - Mismatching Mansions

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Hello Witches and Wizards!

Today is Monday.. and that means tomorrow there will be a bunch of new levels 🎉

Find here some tips from the Bubble Witch 3 Studio 
 Tell us in the comments below what you thought of the new levels

" Tomorrow is the day, tomorrow Stella has a new adventure and it's called "Mismatching Mansions"! 

This new episode it's number 112 and contains levels from 2201 to 2220! 
You would find some challenges at levels 2203, 2206, 2212, 2215, and 2219!

Here are some tips to past these levels:

Level 2203 called "Bogdanartistu" and it's a and it's a ghost type of level! 
Use the fairy nest to create a chain reaction and open some space at the level in order to reach the top.

Level 2212  called "Florinpurice" and it's a collect type of level!
 Use the crystals to delete the black bubbles in order to have more chances to collect the owls.

Level 2219. This level it's called "Can" and it's a ghost type of level!
Use the fairy bunch and the crystals in order to avoid the dubblies.

Hope you like it! See you next week!"

Comment below to let the Studio know what you think about this Episode! 

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