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Welcome 🙋‍♀️ wizards 🧙‍♂️and witches 🧙‍♀️to the most starlistic Bubblific Community of them all 🤹‍♀️


You have come to the right place ✅ Here you will see links that are full of useful information that are sure to be super helpful 👍

New to the community then dont be shy say hi 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️

Reccomended as a must see. Get to know all there is to know 🤔

Our community information guide

Why have you received a tracking notification 🤔

tracking explained here

Want to meet your moderators

Say hi here they are always around to help you

Have you got a game related question ❔

All you need to know about your game, blockers, helpers challenges and events

Do you fancy having a discussion 🗨

All our recent discussions ask us anything here

Are you looking for fun 🤹‍♀️🤹‍♂️

New contests were you can win badges, gold and boosters

Have a bit of fun by telling us what your avatar means to you

Are looking for tips

Find wake the tree tips here

Want to tune in to some history 📻

How bubble witch began

bubble witch behind the scenes

Want to request your choice of fun 🥳

Feel free to tell us what contests you would like to see more of and we will be happy to produce them

Are you looking for a badge collection 🎖🥇🥈🥉🏅

Each thousand levels you reach we would like to give you a special badge select your level here

Do you want to share an idea 💡

You can leave your suggestions here for new ideas to spend your stardust

Would you like to share your opinions on our game here 👇

Your opinions matter

How about you bookmark this page and visit to refresh you memory or check out any new excited links that may have been added

Wishing you all a bubbleioucs starlistic day 💓


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