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Wilbur gone for good?

Chris_ForrestChris_Forrest Posts: 73 Level 3

I can say, and i hope other`s join in with their comments, that i am not

too happy that Wilbur has gone, and that evil witch, Morgana has taken

over. I use to enjoy the chat that Nero and Stella were having about Wilbur,

when he was bad, but now, on the higher levels, there is nothing. Just the

usual prospect of defeating her at the end. I am on levels 1600`s, so i don`t

know whats ahead of me, but i do hope that there is a bit of fun along the way.

I do hope it`s not Morgana all the way to the end. Maybe she will turn Wilbur bad

again ??????.How about the fairies turning evil, and instead of doing good and helping

us out in a level, some of them could be downright wicked. Just a thought. Something

to make the game a bit more entertaining than it is now.


  • PrettyBubblesPrettyBubbles Posts: 4,217 Superstar

    Hi @Chris_Forrest your post has made me smile 🙂

    yes now you have moved up you're levels you now have morgan to defeat 👍

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  • Chris_ForrestChris_Forrest Posts: 73 Level 3

    Hi PrettyBubbles.

    I am very happy that i made you smile, but now i am worried lol.

    Is that smile trying to tell me that i should watch out for surprises in the game,

    or is that smile because i have advanced after i was stuck for the longest time?

    When a woman smiles, you can bet there is a reason for it, and now i am dreading the game lol.

    Have a great day, and keep "smiling" lol.

  • jojo75jojo75 Posts: 97 Level 3

    Hello JoJo75 Here I agree with you 100% I loved Wilbur he was so nice As for Morgonna Please forgive me for this strong language but I hate her!!!!!!!!!! Blow up Morganna And bring Wilbur back Sorry again for the harsh langua Friend Jojo 75

  • Chris_ForrestChris_Forrest Posts: 73 Level 3
    edited November 2020

    Hi JoJo75.

    Thanks for the comment, and trust me, you have not heard harsh language until i got

    stuck on the other level. I was blaming King.com, the developers of the game, the sun

    being too bright, and even the grass being green roflmao. Of course, when i passed it, i

    thought "well that was not too hard was it?" rofl.

    Regarding your comment, i think Morgana is easy to beat. Wilbur however, was a pain in the

    rear lol. As i said, i reckon there should be something more to the game, now that Morgana

    is on the scene. A bit of interaction between Stella and her, would be great.

    Anyway JoJo75, you are forgiven lol.

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