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The most hated/liked.

Chris_ForrestChris_Forrest Posts: 73 Level 3
edited December 2020 in Discussions

So i would like to know, what are your worse and liked levels in the game, Bubble Witch Saga 3.

Mine is as follows:


Anything with ice !!!!!!! (especially those blue thing`s grrr ).

Armored head bubbles (whoever came up with them wants shooting).

The blue thing`s (again) when they push the bubbles from the sides. Did i say i hate them thing`s !!!!.

Morgana (she can be really annoying to get to on some levels)

Bats !!!! (on a bad day). I swear, every time i get a good run going, them blinking thing`s just go on up and block everything.

King !!!!!, you have a lot to answer for.


The clouds which cover up the bubbles (but not by those damn blue thing`s). Did i say they are annoying?

The leaves (find the right area and it`s easy to clear them).

When i beat a level with those annoying blue thing`s. (Take them out of the game please !!!!!!!).

Wilbur (when he was at the end of the chapter).

Bats !!!!!. On a good day.

So what is your worse level and the best?

p.s did i mention that i hate those blue thing`s ??? King, you ought to be hung at dawn for inventing them :)


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