🧛‍♀️🧛‍♂️Bubble Witch World - Vampire Wedding!

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💫 Take part in the most epic, magical takeover event Bubble Witch has ever seen!💫

Stella is invited to a wedding whose bride is a vampire. When she arrives, the groom is missing and she goes to find him.

Help Stella defeat dark forces and save the wedding by choosing your own path through the first-ever Bubble Witch World adventure 🧭

You’ll come across plenty of new challenges and meet an array of new characters along the way, to reveal a dark mystery...

How to Play?

You will receive a wedding invitation giving you access to enter the new Bubble Witch World. Once you have entered the new Saga world, you will have to progress through the adventure by playing levels and complete quests in order to find the missing groom and help save the wedding!

  • There are 11 quests to complete and 44 levels to complete.
  • Along the way, you will be introduced to a host of new characters who are vital to helping you solve the mystery of the missing groom.
  • Once you have completed the event, you will be returned to the Saga Map.

PS! You are only able to get back to the Saga map by completing the event or by waiting for the time for the event to run out.

When does the event end?

You have until Tuesday 19th Oct 2021 to complete the event!

Will you help Stella defeat dark forces and save the wedding? 💍

🚨Don't have this feature?

The feature is limited to a certain group of players Don't worry, if you don't have it this time you will get a chance to test this in the future as long as you always make sure your game is up to date!

We want your feedback 🎙

As this is a test, we would love to hear your feedback and what you like and dislike about this feature, and what we can improve on. Your opinion matters and all feedback will be shared with the team behind the event 😉

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