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Idea: DO NOT lose progress on the Magic Hats!



  • fernando6fernando6 Posts: 106 Level 2

    🔮Happy Holiday 🎲snap😳⛄🔮

  • Margo_HollowayMargo_Holloway Posts: 183 Level 3

    Greetings from Adelaide, Australia...@Ashraf and @PrettyBubbles

    A few things I have noticed about the magic hats in Bubble Witch Saga 3...

    The brown one appears relatively early in the level you are playing...

    The blue hat appears further into the level (which may be the very next level you play after getting the brown hat or it may be random) you are playing...

    The gold hat usually appears much further into a level. If you are playing a difficult or longer level, you might not get within sight of the wavy end line and therefore you would never know whether the gold hat appeared for the taking...I can't say I have ever noticed the loss of energy bar that much cos I usually play until I get the gold hat anyway...

    What I do when I get the blue hat - for the next level I revert to one of a few trusted favourite levels where I am pretty much certain to get within sight of the wavy end line...and I keep playing that level until I get the gold hat which usually appears sometime before the energy bar runs down completely.

    Currently having a break from BWS3 for the day while the starcats recharge so I can take great pleasure in despatching (with equanimity) Morgana this evening.... in level 3120

    Everyone stay safe in whichever corner of this Covid-plagued world you live in, and I hope you find some joy in the coming festive season.

  • alanc12345alanc12345 Posts: 20 Level 2

    Thanks for information I am currently on level 1321 what are the trusted levels you referred to? I never noticed wavy lines you mentioned. .

  • Margo_HollowayMargo_Holloway Posts: 183 Level 3

    @alanc12345 the trusted levels I refer to are at least 800 games away for you in the 2100's (level 2187 springs to mind). When I say trusted I mean levels that I can pretty much guarantee getting to within sight of the last line in that game whenever I play, thus ensuring I do not miss seeing the gold hat should it decide to appear....and what I call the wavy line is just above the very last line of whichever level you are playing, signifying I guess the end of the game...hope this clarifies things, cheers..

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