How do I rebut when I do not have micreosoft


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    Hi @minicrashyahoocom19

    if you are using a mobile you can select the app store icon or go to the chrome web store you should find this in your bookmarks bar. This will bring you to your apps page. Here you will find a shortcut to the chrome web store This is the same as Play store on Android and has games that will run within your chrome browser.

    You can also download it through Amazon

    Hope these ideas help you πŸ‘β­

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  • minicrashyahoocom19minicrashyahoocom19 Posts: 4 Newbie

    I am using a laptop not a mobile phone please fix this

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    Hi @minicrashyahoocom19, can you tell me is this for BWS2 or BWS3? I understand you are using a laptop and using Google Chrome and not using a mobile device. So lets make sure we are talking about the correct game. If you are playing BWS2 it has to be played on a phone. If this is for BWS3, you can download the game via Good Play for your pc.

  • johamiltonjohamilton Posts: 8,726 Bubble Witch Moderator
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