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Oops sorry

jojo75jojo75 Posts: 399 Level 3

Everything about the game is messed up including my badges I've lost half of them my points in Everything on that page is wrong I do hope you can correct it because I just do not want to start back at the beginning of Everything I work so hard to get those badges and I love getting them and I am very sad That I've lost all the hours in time I spent I'm getting to level 3372 You know it almost makes you wanna quit playing I do hope you can help me out With all of these games but mostly bubble witch 3000 Saga and diamond diaries the others are not As important as these 2 games. I would be happy with just those 2 Because I know it can't be a easy chore to do with the many thousands you have to work with but I would deeply appreciate your help Thank you Jojo 75


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