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How to achieve 3 stars BW3

In BW3 Saga I am unable to achieve 3 stars on several levels. The star bar will go right to the end, but the 3rd star isn't awarded. What am I missing?


  • WunderbaumWunderbaum Posts: 4,398 Level 3

    Hi AprileQ!

    Which level did this happen on?

    Let me know and I'll check the level for you :-)


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  • The same thing happened to me on level 41. I even came in 1st place. How do I get my 3rd star

  • It happened on several levels in chapters 2 & 3, but I went back and tried them again and achieved the 3rd star.

    What's confusing is that the star-bar goes up soooo close to the 3rd star, and then stops. Maybe King can do something about that.

    Thanks for the help.

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