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how do you play BW3?

Chris_ForrestChris_Forrest Posts: 263 Level 3

I know there are levels in BW3 that we love, and hate.

Those annoying Doubler`s, or those Ice Frogs that freeze up bubbles,

and those dang leaves !!!!.

Thought i would share a couple of thing`s i do like, and how i play a level.

Firstly, i like the bats that fly up and takes the owls up with them, which

you are suppose to save. In them levels, i don`t go for the owls straight

away at the beginning. I try and shoot up as high as i can. Eventually,

the owls amass at the top, where it`s easier to hit them when they are

grouped together. This is not a good thing to do when you have only a

small amount of moves, but even then, it makes it a bit more challenging.

Secondly, i like to do, what i call, "Lost In Space" shot or an "Orbital" shot.

This is where you have room at the top where you know there are bubbles

there, but you cannot see them. This however, i do not do when the level

has those -1 bubbles. Any other level is fine. Recently, i had one of those

levels and i had 20 moves. After the first three, i created a space for one

of my shots. I did that, and suddenly, fairies from burst bubbles came flying

down, filling up the orb. Suddenly the screen moved upwards, and then

upwards again, when suddenly i was faced with being nearly at the top, with

only a small amount of bubbles left.

So what`s your favorite level, and how do you play it? Any special shots that

you use? I would be interested to hear.



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